Let your eyes explore… and be delightfully surprised.

Welcome, as some people may know I was a student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but that part of my journey is over. 7 Years in the making and now I can finally say two things I am a college graduate and I know how to print VERY well. My work has always felt directed and even over my long stint at college it always remained true to who I am.  My work is a combination of print, collage, sculpture, and drawing. The imagery has always been strongly influenced by nature or a specific imaginative environment. Overgrowth, density, clusters, texture, and layers are points of focus in my work. Each piece contains gems among the “mess” to be discovered by the viewer. The beauty in these environments lies within the color, repetition and shape formation. More recently I have begun to focus on color and the initial impact of the piece, attempting to grab the viewer and draw them in.

As for who I am, I am an artist, I am a wife (of the best man I know, Liam Fogarty), I am a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am a lover of everything that makes you stop and use your senses, to look, to listen, to touch. Boston has been a good home to me but someday a small little cottage on the water will be my home.

I ask you to look and explore my work and hopefully they will impact you the same way they impact me. Enjoy!

Contact Information:

Calla Fogarty
Boston, Ma

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CallaGrace – my official page

365Days1Year – a challenge to keep myself inspired

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