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Category: Artworks 2009

Roslindale Open Studios 2009

So this was my first open studios and it actually went rather well. I had a great group of people visit and even some support of local buyers. Great experience I hope to show at next years open studios as well!

Final Project 2009

These were the body of work that I showed in December. My work took a bit of a turn entering the world of errie and curiosity. Im currently continuing with this idea but a bit more abstract.

Drawing and Installation

So the majority of my work always feels incomplete since I never see them as finished until I can incorporate a 3 dimensional aspect and in most cases a instalation that interacts with the 2d works. This was one of the first pieces that worked like this.

The First Post…

So I’ll start with some earlier images to allow you to see the growth and focus of my work. You will notice similar forms through out as I tend to get caught up on particular ones! These works are from my 2008-2009 year at Mass Art and set up the foot work for what I am currently working on.